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3790A HINKLEVILLE RD PADUCAH, KY 42001-6502 See a map


Unga Bunga music store with Michael Kelly 1950s electric guitar, guitar accessories, amplifiers, and other music instruments

Unga Bunga Music is a NAMM Top 100 music store!
Visit Rusty and the Unga Bunga gang to get your hands on your favorite MK model.

Michael Kelly 1950s and Patriot electric guitars at Unga Bunga Music in Paducah, KY Michael Kelly 1950s, 1960s, and Patriot electric guitars and amps at Unga Bunga music store
Unga Bunga music store logo Michael Kelly Triad Port Acoustic guitar at Unga Bunga Music Amps and guitars at Unga Bunga Pro audio and speakers, monitors, and boards for gigs and events at Unga Bunga music

Michael Kelly Guitars has opted to work with a very limited number of hand-selected music retailers, and Unga Bunga Music is one of them. Like all of our Showcase Dealers, they are a truly great guitar store that is able to offer you the type of support that we feel makes buying a guitar a great experience. They have committed to stock a wide range of Michael Kelly products and learn them inside and out. We are proud to partner with Unga Bunga Music.