Meet Michael Kelly

Our instruments will get you, our people will keep you. All of us here at Michael Kelly are committed to being valuable, helpful, and informative resources to you. We strive to give you a personal shopping experience. We are committed to creating great instruments and then helping you find the one that is perfect for you. Meet our team.

Frank Walsh
Customer Czar

Expertly handling the wide scope of our customer experience, Frank brings his love of guitars, people, and nitty gritty details together to get our customers rocking.


Hybrid Special Spalted Burst

Christie Haack
Visual Design

Michael Kelly is Built On Sound, but we are also known for the guitar lust we create. Christie is one of the visual artists who helps refine all aspects of MK. She is involved with instruments, packaging, websites, video, pretty much anything visual and does it oh so well.


Triad Entwined E

Tracy Hoeft

Mr. Michael Kelly, he started MK in 1999. The aesthetic, value, sonic diversity and overall performance of the Michael Kelly line reflects his drive. He keeps us striving to be more boutique while remaining within reach of every player.


Triad 10E

Adam Danger Smith
Video/Photography Artist

Adam is key to capturing the unique soul of Michael Kelly via digital imagery and conveying it around the globe. Via photos and videos, he works to allow you to see the special instruments that we offer in a special way.


1955 Ebony Custom Collection

Michele Melrose
Visual Design

The talents of this great designer have helped shape Michael Kelly. She contributed big-time to this great website’s design aesthetic, but she goes far beyond that. Regularly involved in product development and driving efforts to make sure that you get to see each MK in the best light.


Patriot Instinct White Custom Collection

Michael Hoeft

Michael is the Michael in the name Michael Kelly. He is also the eyes of MK today as an on-staff photographer. When he is not lending us his visual artistry, he is listening to the market helping to manage Michael Kelly on social media (nickname: The Twitter Ninja).


1955 Ebony Custom Collection

Kelly Hoeft
Social Media Diva

Kelly manages the entire range of Michael Kelly’s social media. She makes sure that you get answers and assistance while highlighting the many MK players around the world. She also happens to be the Kelly in the name Michael Kelly.


Forte Port X

Laura Hoeft
Adult Supervision

Yes, this is a family affair and Laura is the voice of reason. The MK team dreams up some crazy stuff in our effort to think outside of the box on product and service. Laura helps us accomplish great things. She makes sure that we exceed our promises.


Legacy Dragonfly Flame Mandolin

Michael Kelly
Inspirational Leader

Who is Michael Kelly? He is the spirit that underpins all of our products and our commitment to delivering boutique-worthy products at a price that is within reach. He is the players around the world that have discovered MK instruments and play them enthusiastically. No, there is no actual guy named Michael Kelly involved. He is so much more.


All of them